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  • Full payment is due 6 months prior to your wedding date. If you plan to mail your payment, PLEASE notify us before sending to verify the mailing address.

  • A damage deposit check of $500 will need to made out to Laural Mill. This check should be in a self-addressed and stamped envelope. This check will not be cashed, but remain in the envelope and mailed directly back to you after your wedding as long as the barn passes inspection.

  • We prefer that clean-up is finished by noon on Sunday, the barn will be open by 9AM that morning.

  • No real candles allowed (unless authorized by venue first), with the exception of floating candles.

  • No fake rose petals allowed.

  • Dogs are allowed only in the Ceremony and only if they belong to the bride and groom.

  • You will need 2 parking valets to arrive an hour before the ceremony begins. The parking diagram can be downloaded below.

  • It is recommended to bring an itinerary and please share it with us so we can help your big day run just as you intend.


Barn Hours





  • Bar - Last Call is 10:45PM

  • Absolutely NO alcohol after the bar has closed

  • DJ ends at 11:00PM

  • Barn closes promptly at 11:30PM

  • If you intend to clean on Saturday night instead of Sunday, please adjust your schedule so that the barn can be closed by 11:30PM.

  • If you wish your early guests, wedding party or attendants to be served alcohol before the bar is open, you must make arrangements with your Bar Service. A bartender must be on site and available.

  • Anyone caught with unsupervised drinking will be asked to leave the premises.


NO drinking before licensed bartender is serving.

NO alcohol served after last call at 10:45PM.


Clean Up

  • If using Laural Mill runners or table linens, please leave on tables, so I can spot stain check them.

  • Take all trash, including bathroom and bar, to the dumpster at the top of the parking lot and place new trash bags in trash cans.

  • Place all Laural Mill decor on 2 tables in the Buffet Room and we will sort and put away.

  • Check grounds for any trash, cigarette butts, etc. You will lose your damage deposit if not properly disposed.

  • Stack loft chairs along wall.

  • Sweep buffet room.

  • Remove all greenery from tables, but any flowers you do not wish to take, I will take and distribute to the sick. Please do not take any Laural Mill containers.

Clean Up


Venue Map
Barn Map-01.png

21 Farmhouse Tables - Each Seat 8 For Guests/Wedding Party - 8' x 33”

4 - 120” 8 Person Round Tables - Ivory/White Linens Provided

1 - Farmhouse Sweetheart Table - 4' x 24” wide


Cake Buffet - 5' long x 20" deep


Ladder Above Head Table - 20' long x 12" wide


Ceremony Deck Behind Barn (cross is optional) - 20' long x 8' wide


Ceremony Site w/ Pergola - 23' long x 12' wide

Pergola is 9' tall & 8' wide

Additional Info

Additional Venue Info


Parking Map
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