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  • Do we have to choose vendors from your preferred list?
    With the exception of our in-house beverage service, your favorite outside wedding vendors are welcome here! We do ask that your caterer is an experienced, licensed vendor. We are happy to provide our couples with an extensive preferred vendor list upon booking and customized vendor recommendations upon request to make wedding planning a breeze.
  • Do we need to get event insurance?
    You'll find this requirement to be quite common amongst wedding venues, and here's why. When you sign a venue agreement, you are assuming liability for yourselves, your guests and for the venue for your rental period. This type of policy can help protect you from financial loss in case you're found responsible for property damage or injuries that occur during the event. We suggest budgeting $120 for your policy.
  • On the day of the event, can we walk around the entire property?
    Guests are more than welcome to walk around the areas of the barn that are not fenced. Under no circumstances should a guest open a gate or cross a fence during an event.
  • What parts of the venue property are we allowed to utilize during our rental?
    There are about 10 acres where the wedding barn, pond and parking lot are located. Those 10 acres are the most common place for guests to use for gatherings. Ceremonies and receptions can certainly be set up in different configurations, or in different areas with approval from Laural Mill staff.
  • Is smoking allowed?
    There is a designated smoking area near the bonfire pit and this is the only place where smoking is allowable. This rule will be strictly enforced. Smoking is not allowed in or around the barn. For the safety of our barn, Laural Mill reserves the right to ask smokers to leave if they are not following this policy. Laural Mill also will utilize the security deposit to remove butts from the property or repair any damage caused by smoking outside of the designated smoking area.
  • What if the venue is damaged during our rental?
    The client is responsible for any and all damage to the event space or adjacent property. In most cases, the $500 deposit will cover the damage. In instances that it does not, Laural Mill will work with the customer to have the damaged property repaired.
  • What do we have to do at the end of the night before we leave?
    At the end of the night, we simply ask that you remove any personal belongings you may have brought in, such as florals, gifts and cards, and we do the rest! Laural Mill is professionally cleaned between every event, allowing all guests to enjoy the highest standards of cleanliness and the ultimate relaxing experience. If you've opted to use items from our decor rental collections, we will gladly clean and pack up these items for you! The Laural Mill team also handles all standard clean up and trash removal throughout and following the wedding reception so you can truly relax and enjoy!
  • Will there be a member of Laural Mill Staff on duty the entire time of our wedding in case we need assistance?
    Absolutely! It is our top priority to create a turn-key and stress-free environment so that you and your spouse can truly be guests at your own event. Our friendly team will be present for your entire day, eager to assist in every way possible. The Laural Mill venue management team will see to the facility-related responsibilities and your furniture and decor set-up, while your on-site wedding coordinator will be focused on your and your guests’ experience, freeing you and your families from any organizational worries on your special day.
  • Can we leave vehicles in the parking lot overnight?
    Vehicles can be left on the property overnight until 10 AM the next day. We want you and your guests to have fun and be safe! If cars are left beyond that time and pose a problem, they will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.
  • When does everyone need to be off of the property?
    Couples, guests, and vendors must vacate the property by 11pm.
  • Is there a place onsite to get ready?
    Designed with you & your wedding party in mind, our bridal suite is equipped with designated hooks & hangers for attire, plenty of seating, a bluetooth speaker, natural lighting, four beauty stations, and many outlets for your hair and makeup team. The bridal suite and 2 restrooms are heated and air conditioned.
  • Is there heating and air conditioning at the barn?
    While we do not have a heating and cooling system installed inside the great hall, we do offer great alternatives to comfortably host your wedding during any season! In the summer, we recommend opening the 6 large sliding doors for ventilation—there is a lovely natural breeze through the barn when all doors are open plus the addition of 8 ceiling fans and 2 industrial fans. In the colder months, we provide 6 space heaters for you to use throughout the barn. The bridal suite, both restrooms and kitchen are air conditioned and heated.
  • Do you have any transportation for handicapped guests or guests that need assistance walking on the property?
    Unfortunately, we do not, but you may drive your loved one straight to the ceremony site.
  • Where would the ceremony take place?
    Your ceremony can take place at one of the 2 outdoor ceremony sites, one featuring a pergola, the other a wooden cross which is optional. They both include the chandeliers which are also optional. The great room in the barn is appointed nicely for indoor ceremonies if it rains on your wedding day.
  • Do we need to rent a dance floor?
    You do not need to rent a dance floor. Feel free to dance on the smooth concrete on the covered porch or the hardwood floor inside the barn.
  • Is there a bathroom at the barn?
    There are 2 bathrooms available, both air conditioned, heated, and handicap accessible.
  • Is there a sound system at the barn?
    We do not have a sound system available. Please feel free to bring in your own speakers or visit our Preferred Vendors list for a variety of preferred DJs, musicians, and bands.
  • Can we set up outdoor games?
    Absoutely, make yourself at home!
  • Does Uber service the area where the barn is located?
    Yes! We are thrilled to report that Uber and multiple shuttle companies provide transportation to and from our barn. You can find a list of recommendations on our Preferred Vendor list. Please note, if you decide to use Uber, we recommend scheduling your rides ahead of time versus relying on last minute late-night pickups. As a reminder, guests are permitted to leave their cars overnight until 10 AM the following day.
  • Is Laural Mill a pet friendly wedding venue?
    We understand and appreciate that animals are extensions of our families, so we are happy to welcome your pet to the space. We just ask that couples let us know in advance what animals will be on the property and that animals are kept on a leash and remain outdoors or on the covered porch (with the exception of service animals).

Still have questions?

If you still have additional questions, feel free to fill out the Contact Form and a member of our team will be happy to assist.

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